On the sea wall at Watergate Bay


Watchful Mary

A new continental-style bar for the Bay. Open 9am - 11pm every day.


To the horizon, early ‘til late, every day,

Drop in for coffee and morning pastries. Share small plates that keep the conversation flowing. Try drinks with a story: spirits and cordials from around Cornwall, cocktails with a twist and wines on a global scale. 

Doors open to the deck on bright days. Stage set for live music and DJs from 8pm on weekends. And, at sunset, we look out for The Green Flash





Our food is designed to go with drink. Breakfast bowls, pastries and coffee. Pickings, sharing plates and wine. Read more, or flick to the centre of the drinks menu when you arrive.


Ever heard of The Green Flash? Watergate Bay Hotel’s Mary Ashworth sought it and caught it as she looked out to sea. A ray of colour, just as the sun slipped from view. If conditions are right we could see it ourselves.

I don’t believe in the Green Flash. Is it real?

Some people have seen it. Most haven’t. It’s up to you to decide. So drink up. All eyes west. Wait for it…

What are THE opening hours?

Summer months and holidays: 9am-11pm, all week. Otherwise: 9am-11pm Wednesday to Saturday, closing at sunset on Sunday.

Can I book a TABLE?

No, just turn up and find a spot. Special event nights are a bit different (get in touch if you have an idea).

Is it child friendly?

For families, the best time is before 7pm, after this time the bar is for adults and teens 13+.

Is it dog friendly?

Dogs are welcome, but in the evening the bar is often busy so may not always be a good place for them.

Are there EVENTS?

There’s music every week: Watchful Live and Watchful Lates.